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The team of well-trained and professional staff makes your premises spotless within a said time at very competitive rates complementing your budget. SAI CLEANING SERVICES understands the value of cleanliness and hence is determined to provide it with excellence. Our services aim to give you an extraordinary experience with excellence and expertise. The intention is to deliver the best of our efficiency.

Commercial & Office Cleaning

SAI CLEANING SERVICES is known for its impressive and prominent Commercial Cleaners in Melbourne, VIC. We understand your concern to maintain visual beauty and hygiene quotient at your campus. With dedicated and experienced employees, we uplift your standards with our commercial cleaning service in melbourne. Service is for all kind of companies, irrespective of their size and field.

Construction Cleaning Services


We are aware of the mess construction at the home, office, or building comes with; Do not fret. Leave it on us. We handle the mess very efficiently. Under our Professional construction cleaning service in melbourne , the workers will clean every floor, wall, window frames, light fixtures, outlets and outer surfaces. The stains of paints and dust all over will be well taken care of by SAI Cleaning Services. Our professional team will clean without damaging and hampering anything.

Bar & Restaurant Cleaning

There is one thing common among us, “Customer Satisfaction”. While you are determined to give your customer a happy and untroubled stay, we are devoted to helping you to achieve it through our Bar & Restaurant cleaning service in Melbourne. The team performs all the duties towards cleaning and maintaining orderliness. Floors as clean and mirror and windows as shiny as the sun, our service will dazzle up the place like never before.

Gym & Yoga Centre Cleaning

At Sai Cleaning, the emotion to keep the gym safe and hygienic to give every new & existing visitor a positive experience is well understood. We will help you clean all the areas of your center. The team will come over to deliver our gym cleaning service in melbourne according to your schedule. The member will disinfect each piece of equipment at the gym and hotspots for infectious organisms like surfaces, floors, restrooms and, locker rooms.

You focus on fitness; We Focus on Clean.

Medical Centre Cleaning


SAI cleaning services provide a healthy and clean medical facility environment for the safety of all the members working on the premises. Our advanced medical cleaning service aims to maintain an exceptional level of hygiene to eliminate every chance of virus contraction from the surrounding. We understand and salute your strength in working in a highly infectious environment. The team works to offer complete peace of mind to all who work in a high-risk atmosphere.

Schools & Childcare Centre Cleaning

We understand that children’s safety is your top priority. Our childcare cleaning services in melbourne lend a helping hand to make it easy for you to keep them protected against germs and bacteria. Your precious baby humans are dear to us well. That is the reason we do not use any harsh and harmful chemicals while cleaning. Our team uses a kids-friendly approach and an exceptional smart strategy to disinfect every section of the premises, making it safe and spotless.

COVID Cleaning Services

Covid 19 Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

Times are tough, but so are we. Sai Cleaning services pledges to protect you from COVID-19 with Covid-19 cleaning & disinfecting services to ensure no virus enters your home without your will. The team of professional would sanitise your entire place. Our equipment and chemicals will provide residual surface protection. The professionals will wear proper suit and gear while working in your house and office.

Pressure Washing

Who has the time for cleaning the exterior when life is so busy already? Leave it on us. We will do it for you. With our high-pressure washing service in melbourne, the team blasts off the toughest of the tough smuts on the grounds. Your property is 100% safe as the team only starts only after setting correct pressure, nozzles and spray to avoid any kinds of disruption to the property.

Mall Cleaning Services

Retail Outlets

The footfall at your place is incredible, but so is the entrance of germs and dirt. While you provide the guarantee of a hygienic service, let us make sure your brand stands tall on that. Our retail outlet cleaning service will cleanse your work station and the rest of the area in no time. Work and deliver your product with pride while we make sure your outlet shine like new.


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